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Midstate Business Office Equipment RepairWhen you’re running a business, smooth equipment operation determines success and failure. Breakdowns translate to lower productivity and valuable opportunities lost.

So what should you do when your photocopying machine breaks down? Your cash register is malfunctioning or your printers disabled?

The first thing to remember is that you need to act on it quickly so have Midstate Business Equipment on your speed dial. We have worked with a lot of companies in the Orana region through the years. This experience is your guarantee that we have encountered and resolved almost all problems on office equipment - photocopier machines, computer printers, paper shredders and fax machines.

We are certified to repair a wide range of office equipment by leading brands such as Canon, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp and many others. These brands provide training sessions that are attended by our technicians. Hence, we are highly recommended and certified by manufacturers.

Whether the equipment was purchased from us or not, our team will fix it, and no, we don’t charge premium fees. If the damage is covered by your warranty, you won’t lose any money over it.

Moreover, our technicians can train your staff on how best to use the equipment so you don’t have to call us again until you need a new one. We make our clients happy so you can make your clients happy. And here is how…

Contact Us if you need help with service or repair of your photocopiers, printers, multifunction devices, faxes, shredders and cash registers.